Thursday, 5 July 2018

Tuesday 03 July 2018

9H-CLG CRJ-(AXY0314)-a12:46-d14:40
9H-DDJ LJ75-n/s-(KER888)-d07:20
9H-GPS C56X-parked all day
9H-ILA CRJ-parked all day
9H-JPC E135BJ-(AXY0310)-a08:32-d10:31
9H-VCJ CL350-n/s-(VJT492)-d12:07
9H-VJD BD700-n/s-(VJT744)-d09:27
9H-VJZ BD700-hangared 
9H-VTD CL605-parked all day
9H-WFC E135BJ-parked all day
5H-ONE G550-parked all day
A6-ACE BD700-n/s-d16:00
A6-RDJ CL605-parked all day
B-8029 FA7X-n/s-d08:10
B-8215 FA7X-n/s-d17:03
B-8131 G550-a20:35-n/s
B-8292 G550-n/s-d21:24
CS-CHD CL350-(NJE515B)-a21:50-n/s
CS-DXW C56X-(NJE005Q)-a13:52-d20:18
CS-DXZ C56X-n/s-(NJE502H)-d08:59
CS-GLG BD700-(NJE902H)-a14:11-n/s
CS-PHD E55P-(NJE411C)-a16:59-d18:01-a21:40-n/s
CS-PHI E55P-(NJE211N)-a08:42-d10:48
CS-PHK E55P-n/s-(NJE435L)-d07:40
CS-LAM BD700-hangared
D-AHOI E135BJ-(AHO491L)-a13:13-d14:33
D-CJET C525B-(AHO773C)-a17:16-n/s
D-IAAR E50P-(AZE848C)-a08:52-d10:36
D-IAAT E50P-(AZE821C)-a13:03-d15:02
D-IBJJ C525A-n/s-(AHO715T)-d09:39
D-INCS C525-(JKH321)-a17:48-d18:44
D-ISAR RB390-a20:20-n/s
F-HBDX E55P-(KBD216)-a19:43-d20:21
F-HGIO C510-(ASJ366)-a20:16-d21:02
F-HPUR HS125-(VLJ483R)-a15:33-d16:40
G-CIEL C56X-parked all day
G-CRNS FA7X-hangared
G-EGSS HS125-(VXS109)-a12:20-d13:01
G-ESNA E550-parked all day
G-GAAL C56X-n/s-(LNX50AL)-d09:33-a17:03-n/s
G-GLOB BD700-parked all day
G-HOTY CL604-parked all day
G-IPAX C56X-parked all day
G-MATO FA7X-n/s-(EDC311R)-d07:36-a16:56-n/s
G-MEGN Be200-n/s-(CBM88)-d10:15-a23:22-n/s
G-PEPI E135BJ-n/s-(LNX12GP)-d09:25
G-SCPJ HS125-n/s-(SXN80K)-d09:14-a19:20-n/s
G-SPUR C550-parked all day
G-ULFM G450-(PDY55H)-a21:33-n/s
HZ-SKY3 A320-n/s-d11:15
M-AAMM G450-parked all day
M-ARVA BD700-n/s-d14:49
M-BIGG BD700-parked all day
M-JCBB G650-parked all day
M-KCCO G450-hangared H125
M-MDBD BD700-parked all day
M-RLIV CL605-parked all day
M-SQAR G550-hangared H125
N51VE G5-parked all day
N74GG G4-parked all day
N77FK G4-n/s-d14:08
N104AR G450-parked all day
N112MY BD700-n/s-d22:10
N125XP H25B-parked all day
N150WJ G5-a08:00-n/s
N225CX G450-a11:01-n/s
N235KK G4-parked all day
N280C G280-N320GX BD700-parked all day
N345LC G550-parked all day
N393BV BD700-parked all day
N497SB F900EX-parked all day
N666ML B737-(BWJ666)-a20:54-n/s
N817GS G650-parked all day
N94924 G550-parked all day
OE-GWS C56X-n/s-(AOJ29L)-d19:53
OE-GWV C56X-a13:45-d15:56
OE-HKT G280-n/s-(IJM070)-d08:18
OE-IOO BD700-(AOJ95R)-a16:23-n/s
OE-IPW FA7X-a20:24-d22:16
OY-JPJ C650-(NFA012P)-a11:30-d11:59
OY-LGI BD700-hangared
PH-MYX C650-n/s-d11:03
PR-CGI G550-n/s-d19:45
PR-GVI G650-a08:28-n/s
P4-MGU A319-a15:53-d17:24
SP-FMG E135BJ-(JDI50E)-a17:01-n/s
TC-GHP CRJ-a17:25-d18:51
TC-TOS F2000S-a16:28-n/s
UP-EM008 E135BJ-a21:03-n/s
VQ-BZM G450-a17:23-n/s

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