Friday, 6 July 2018

Friday 06 July 2018

9H-ELI C750-(LWG991)-a16:35-d17:47
9H-IBD BD700-n/s-(JLN1)-d13:28
9H-ILV CRJ-(VJT624)-a12:15-d13:49
9H-SSK G650-hangared H125
9H-VCM CL350-(VJT457)-a19:53-n/s
9H-VCN CL350-(VJT437)-a11:29-d18:41
9H-VJH BD700-(VJT804)-a17:26-n/s
9H-VJT BD700-(VJT971)-a19:56-d22:06
9H-VTD CL605-parked all day
5H-ONE G550-parked all day
B-8029 FA7X-a17:05-d18:48
B-8131 G550-parked all day
B-KCK G550-parked all day
CS-CHD CL350-parked all day
CS-DLG F2000EX-(NJE2PH)-a15:34-n/s
CS-DRV HS125-n/s-(NJE896A)-d13:19
CS-GLG BD700-n/s-(NJE796C)-d09:58
CS-PHF E55P-(NJE819T)-a08:15-d14:07
CS-LAM BD700-hangared
D-ALIK CRJ-(JTI655)-a13:31-d15:37
D-ASAP E135BJ-n/s-(AHO433F)-d10:14
D-BIKA F2000EX-n/s-(BVR777)-d11:15
D-CAGA E55P-n/s-(LXG55GA)-d09:23
D-CJET C525B-(AHO685J)-a19:46-n/s
D-CSCE E55P-(LXG55CE)-a16:33-n/s
D-IOHL C525A-(ECA3C)-a16:41-d18:19
F-HFIP BD700-a19:50-d20:52
G-CRNS FA7X-hangared
G-EGSS HS125-(VXS111)-a13:53-d17:13
G-ESNA E550-n/s-(EDC1T)-d13:44
G-FXPR BJ400A-parked all day
G-GAAL C56X-(LNX05AL)-a19:57-n/s
G-GLOB BD700-parked all day
G-HUBY E135BJ-(LNX51HY)-a12:28-d19:51
G-IPAX C56X-(EDC474)-a16:04-n/s
G-MATO FA7X-n/s-(EDC153)-d10:38
G-MEGN Be200-n/s-(CBM88)-d13:21-a17:35-d18:07
G-MRLX G550-(SXN55L)-a20:21-n/s
G-OGSE G550-parked all day
GOLIV Be200-(CBM77)-a20:15-n/s
G-PEPI E135BJ-n/s-(KRH37)-d12:23-a17:55-n/s
G-RSXP C56X-n/s-(VCG1XP)-d07:53
G-SCPJ HS125-parked all day
G-SOVB LJ45-(BZE02A)-a11:49-d14:28
G-SPUR C550-n/s-(LNX46PU)-d08:58
G-ULFM G450-hangared
G-WIRG E135BJ-n/s-(EDC242R)-d14:51
LX-MIC F2000S-(SVW50IC)-a10:56-d12:15
LX-SAB F900DX-(SVW56AB)-a19:26-n/s
M-AAMM G450-parked all day
M-JCBB G650-parked all day
M-KCCO G450-hangared H125
M-LRLR CL604-parked all day
M-MDBD BD700-a10:09-n/s
M-RLIV CL605-parked all day
M-USIK G650-a08:44-n/s
M-YNNS G650-a07:15-d09:01
N51VE G5-parked all day
N71GE FA8X-n/s-d16:03
N104AR G450-parked all day
N125XP H25B-parked all day
N143QS BD700-a17:48-n/s
N218HF G450-parked all day
N225CX G450-n/s-d09:43
N234QS CL650-n/s-d13:33
N235KK G4-parked all day
N259FG G280-parked all day
N280C G280-parked all day
N299MB G4-a20:54-n/s
N320GX BD700-parked all day
N345LC G550-n/s-d15:09
N393BV BD700-n/s-d14:04
N430FJ Do328-parked all day
N486RW G550-a07:27-d19:00
N497SB F900EX-n/s-d12:40
N604EP CL604-a14:37-n/s
N666ML B737-parked all day
N722JB F2000-parked all day
N785QS G550-n/s-d11:36
N838SC BD700-a09:25-d10:36
N2900D BD700-parked all day
N2929 G550-parked all day
OE-GWS C56X-n/s-(AOJ29L)-d10:30
OE-IEN F2000EX-(GLJ93EN)-a16:22-n/s
OE-IOO BD700-hangared
OE-LIP A319-parked all day
OY-LGI BD700-n/s-(VMP933)-d14:47
PH-DWS E135-n/s-(JNL174)-d12:18
PH-HRK P180-n/s-d09:05
PR-CGI G550-a15:06-n/s
PR-GVI G650-hangared H125
PR-JAQ C750-parked all day
TC-GVA G4-a19:32-n/s
TC-RMK FA8X-(KOC02)-a10:34-n/s
T7-OCH CL605-n/s-d16:29
VP-CGN G650-a10:11-n/s
VQ-BIJ F2000LX-parked all day
VQ-BLA G550-n/s-d13:10
VQ-BZM G450-a19:35-n/s

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