Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Sunday 09 July 2017

9H-DDJ LJ75-(KER625)-a19:01-n/s
9H-FCA BD700-(ULC857)-a21:31-d22:28
9H-SPA G450-n/s-(MLM888)-d07:57
9H-VCF CL350-n/s-(VJT498)-d16:35
9H-VCN CL350-n/s-(VJT437)-d09:58
9H-VFC CL605-(VJT585)-a10:31-d12:16
9H-VJH BD700-(VJT804)-a21:19-n/s
9H-VJM BD700-n/s-(VJT857)-d13:47
9H-WFC E135BJ-parked all day
A6-VPS G450-a16:31-n/s
B-KGP G550-parked all day
CN-TLA C680-n/s-d15:43
CS-DSC FA7X-n/s-(JME701C)-d09:29
CS-DKD G550-(NJE264T)-a11:16-d13:55
CS-DLC F2000EX-(NJE035C)-a19:43-n/s
CS-DRH HS125-(NJE792T)-a12:40-d14:28
CS-GLA BD700-(NJE934K)-a20:19-d21:45
CS-GLG BD700-(NJE408U)-a20:55-n/s
CS-LAU C680A-(NJE722Y)-a19:34-n/s
D-BEEP C750-a23:59-n/s
D-BFIL E545-(ATL8F)-a22:24-n/s
D-CGMR C56X-(ATL2RB)-a17:03-n/s
D-IAAT E50P-n/s-(AZE68P)-d12:03
D-IOHL C525A-n/s-(ECA333)-d11:33
D-IIVA P180-(XGO6GW)-a10:38-d12:06
G-BVMA Be200-n/s-(CBM88)-d10:23-a21:53-n/s
G-CGOA C550-(XJC28A)-a20:01-n/s
G-CHUI C56X-(EDC615E)-a16:24-n/s
G-CIEL C56X-(LNX04CE)-a15:55-n/s
G-FBLK C510-n/s-(BKK1A)-d10:22
G-FXKR BJ400A-n/s-(FLJ586)-d15:33-a21:36-n/s
G-GLEG E135BJ-(LNX34EG)-a19:53-n/s
G-GLOB BD700-parked all day
G-GXLS C56X-parked all day
G-HOTY CL604-a22:03-n/s
G-KLNE HS125-parked all day
G-KSFR CL300-parked all day
G-LALE E135BJ-n/s-(LNX03GL)-d17:40-a22:23-n/s
G-MATO FA7X-(EDC627)-a13:07-n/s
G-RAAA BD700-a19:07-n/s
G-SIRS C56X-n/s-(LNX11RS)-d00:06
G-SPUR C550-(LNX48PU)-a21:01-n/s
G-SYNA E135BJ-parked all day
G-TWIY HS125-parked all day
G-ULFM G450-hangared

G-WIRG E135BJ-(EDC607R)-a17:33-n/s
G-YEDC C525B-(EDC580)-a18:00-n/s
G-YMKH E135BJ-a00:41-d14:48-a20:07-n/s
G-ZNTH LJ75-(BZE07A)-a14:26-d15:30
HB-JGB G450-parked all day
HZ-SK3 G450-hangared H125
LX-AMB FA7X-(SVW27MB)-a18:03-n/s
LX-LMF FA7X-(SVW36MF)-a15:26-d16:40
M-AGIK F900LX-hangared
M-ASRI BD700-parked all day
M-CLAB CL300-parked all day
M-FUAD G550-a16:03-n/s
M-MHFZ E135BJ-n/s-d08:28
M-RLIV CL605-n/s-d11:37
M-YFLY PC12-a00:49-n/s          (First Visit)
N2T BD700-a12:58-n/s
N7RX G450-parked all day
N47EG F900EX-a09:32-n/s
N60XC BD700-n/s-d08:02
N88AA BD700-n/s-(TBJ88)-d23:00
N104AR G450-parked all day
N167SL P180-a16:28-n/s              (First Visit)
N313RF BD700-parked all day
N360PZ FA7X-n/s-d12:59
N487C FA7X-n/s-d12:09
N502P G450-n/s-d16:27
N585DW G550-a13:42-d15:47
N605KA CL605-n/s-d10:51
N651XA G650-n/s-d14:56
N700KG LJ40-a13:54-n/s
N728GH FA7X-(CHN28)-a19:09-n/s
N755RA BD700-n/s-d18:09
N766GA G650-parked all day

N767FL G5-a19:50-d21:05
N851GG G450-parked all day
N870CM G550-parked all day
N880ZJ BD700-a13:30-n/s
N946JB G650-hangared H125
N2900D BD700-n/s-d16:09
N9099H BD700-(TBJ79)-a15:51-n/s
OE-GLF G150-n/s-(AOJ52L)-d11:53
OE-IEL BD700-(TJS29)-a16:13-n/s
OE-IEN F2000EX-(GLJ93EN)-a01:19-d17:59
OE-IGG BD700-parked all day
OE-LAI G450-(GLJ86LA)-a11:18-d12:48
OK-HWK HS125-a08:50-d10:19
OY-LGI BD700-(VMP933)-a20:37-n/s
P4-CEO CL605-a14:17-n/s
SE-RIZ C56X-(ETI709N)-a18:41-n/s
SP-CEZ LJ60-(AMQ3Z)-a14:38-d15:54
S5-SAD BD700-parked all day
TC-GNC F2000-n/s-d11:39
TC-TRC LJ60-parked all day
T7-DSD G150-a23:09-n/s              (First Visit)
VP-BCT G650-(GMA584)-a10:59-d12:20
VP-BGL E135BJ-hangared
VP-BOK BD700-parked all day
VP-CCN BD700-a21:07-n/s
VP-CCW G650-a23:52-n/s
VP-CET G450-n/s-d09:37
VP-CGN G650-parked all day
VP-CMC G450-parked all day
VQ-BCC BD700-a07:02-n/s
VQ-BIJ F2000LX-a11:01-n/s
VQ-BVS FA7X-parked all day
VQ-BZM G450-parked all day

These logs are produced remotely and would not be possible without the help of logs posted by various people including Chris Mellon, Malcolm Porter, Daryl Short etc (thanks as always). If anyone else wants to send myself or Ian a LTN log please feel free to do so, it is the only way the blog will become more accurate. Also if you have any additions / corrections send them to us.

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