Thursday, 6 July 2017

Monday 03 July 2017

9H-BOO CRJ-n/s-(AXY0304)-d10:47
9H-DTY G650-parked all day

9H-ILA CRJ-parked all day
9H-SMB BD700-parked all day
9H-VCH CL350-n/s-(VJT479)-d12:13
9H-VCN CL350-(VJT437)-a16:49-n/s
9H-VFC CL605-n/s-(VJT585)-d06:25
9H-VFE CL605-n/s-(VJT565)-d04:52-a13:29-d15:09
9H-VFF CL605-n/s-(VJT552)-d11:01
9H-VJH BD700-n/s-(VJT951W)-d01:40
9H-VTB BD700-n/s-(VJT952X)-d22:12
9H-YOU CRJ-(AXY0212)-a00:19-n/s
9K-GGB G650-(KUG060)-a18:26-n/s
A7-CEI BD700-n/s-(QQE201)-d09:54
C-FCIB CL605-a18:41-n/s
C-FLMK BD700-n/s-d13:29
CS-DRL HS125-(NJE114G)-a22:41-n/s
CS-DRV HS125-(NJE533D)-a11:48-d13:45
CS-DXT C56X-n/s-(NJE094Y)-d11:40
CS-DXQ C56X-(NJE490E)-a10:15-d12:10
CS-DXT C56X-(NJE336L)-a19:01-n/s
CS-DXZ C56X-n/s-(NJE270R)-d07:20
CS-GLE BD700-(NJE466A)-a18:15-n/s
CS-LAM BD700-hangared
D-BKAT G280-a03:41-n/s
D-BOOC C750-n/s-d22:16
D-BUZZ C750-a19:39-n/s
D-CAWM C56X-a17:01-d17:50
D-CDAS E50P-a13:46-d14:53
D-CEFO C56X-(AHO975U)-a18:06-n/s
D-CXNL HS125-n/s-(JTI308)-d09:15
F-HKMO F900-(DSO03MO)-a15:55-n/s
G-CGSJ BD700-n/s-(GMA507)-d04:37-a14:51-n/s
G-CHUI C56X-(EDC163)-a11:35-d15:53
G-CJOF CL350-(LNX02CF)-a11:17-n/s
G-FJET C550-n/s-(LNX59FJ)-d16:48
G-FXKR BJ400A-n/s-(FLJ582)-d08:45-a14:30-n/s
G-GLOB BD700-n/s-d13:57

G-GXLS C56X-n/s-(KRH38)-d07:47
G-HOTY CL604-parked all day
G-IPAX C56X-n/s-(EDC154)-d11:33
G-JAGA E55P-(LNX23JG)-a00:04-n/s
G-LEAX C56X-n/s-(LNX85AX)-d10:27-a15:57-n/s

G-MATO FA7X-hangared
G-MEGN Be200-n/s-(CBM88)-d23:56
G-PEPI E135BJ-parked all day
G-REFO G650-parked all day

G-SPRE C550-(XJC2)-a08:01-d09:05 
G-SUGR E135BJ-n/s-(EDC7DA)-d17:27
G-SYNA E135BJ-n/s-(KRH39)-d11:51

G-TWIY HS125-n/s-(SXN75W)-d10:17-a16:26-n/s
G-ULFM G450-hangared

G-WIRG E135BJ-parked all day
G-XJCJ C550-n/s-(XJC78J)-d08:11-a18:45-n/s
G-XXRS BD700-a21:13-n/s
G-YEDC C525B-parked all day
G-YMKH E135BJ-n/s-d12:50
HB-JFN FA7X-a10:55-d13:31
LX-GLS E135BJ-(LXA9J)-a03:43-n/s
M-ASRI BD700-a18:00-n/s
M-BHBH G650-parked all day
M-CLAB CL300-parked all day
M-COOL C510-parked all day

M-KBBG G450-parked all day
M-MDBD BD700-a10:25-n/s
M-PRVT C750-parked all day
M-RLIV CL605-n/s-d16:39-a20:59-n/s
M-USIK G650-parked all day
M-YMKH E135BJ-parked all day 
M-YNNS G650-parked all day
N1F G650-a20:46-n/s
N72XF BD700-a19:11-n/s
N104AR G450-parked all day
N125XP HS125-parked all day

N218AL BD700-parked all day
N280C G280-a16:58-n/s
N288Z G650-parked all day
N313RG G5-n/s-d18:12

N375WB BD700-a21:58-n/s
N450QS G450-parked all day
N487C FA7X-parked all day
N529QS G550-a14:48-n/s
N552PM G550-n/s-d20:12
N588AT G5-a21:38-n/s
N650GY G650-parked all day
N659FM F2000EX-
N666ML B737-parked all day
N700KG LJ40-n/s-d11:03
N766GA G650-parked all day

N788ZJ BD700-n/s-d00:08
N838SC BD700-parked all day
N888PM G4-parked all day
N901MM F900EX-n/s-(TWY901)-d11:10
N904DS BD700-n/s-d23:44
N980GG BD700-parked all day

N988ZJ BD700-n/s-d12:02
N1218F CL604-a16:24-n/s
N2900D BD700-parked all day
OE-IOO BD700-parked all day

OE-IXI CL605-(LDM44)-a01:32-n/s
OE-LAI G450-(GLJ86LA)-a16:37-n/s
OY-LGI BD700-(VMP933)-a09:20-n/s
PH-ANO C56X-a14:54-d15:27
PP-BLO E135BJ-n/s-d17:20
SE-DJG E135BJ-(EUW9177)-a00:05-d14:28
TC-KMR FA7X-(KON01)-a09:06-d12:04
T7-AAA BD700-a22:18-n/s
T7-AZH G450-a16:45-n/s
VP-BRJ G280-n/s-d08:46
VP-BOK BD700-parked all day
VP-BTB G450-parked all day
VP-CGM BD700-parked all day

VP-CGN G650-parked all day
VP-CJK BD700-parked all day
VP-CMC G450-a20:38-n/s
VP-CUA G550-parked all day

VQ-BIJ F2000LX-parked all day
VQ-BLA G550-parked all day

VQ-BZM G450-a20:15-n/s

These logs are produced remotely and would not be possible without the help of logs posted by various people including Chris Mellon, Malcolm Porter, Daryl Short etc (thanks as always). If anyone else wants to send myself or Ian a LTN log please feel free to do so, it is the only way the blog will become more accurate. Also if you have any additions / corrections send them to us.

Kind Regards


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