Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Monday 15 May 2017

9H-AMY CRJ-(AXY1503)-a19:04-n/s
9H-DDJ LJ75-(KER617)-a16:09-n/s
9H-ILI CRJ-n/s-(VJT617)-d16:51
9H-VCH CL350-(VJT479)-a12:58-d14:42
9H-VJJ BD700-(VJT951W)-a22:03-n/s
9H-VJV BD700-n/s-(VJT965)-d09:31
9H-VJW BD700-(VJT947)-a16:16-d18:25
4K-MEK8 G550-(ESW8)-a00:29-d15:11
A6-KAH E190-parked all day
B-KEY G650-parked all day
C-GKTO CL604-a12:18-n/s
CS-DOF CL650-parked all day
CS-DPA HS125-(MJT1N)-a13:44-d14:49
CS-DUB HS125-(NJE309D)-a23:55-n/s
CS-DXN C56X-n/s-(NJE687E)-d06:01
CS-DXP C56X-(NJE862W)-a15:51-n/s
CS-DTT FA7X-n/s-d11:33
D-ACDE BD700-n/s-(DCS303)-d15:30
D-AFUN E135BJ-(AHO587T)-a20:06-d23:43
D-AONE CL604-(AYY151)-a12:02-n/s
D-BEAR C750-a13:15-d21:47
D-CEFO C56X-(AHO12M)-a18:30-n/s
D-CELI C550-a13:35-d15:03
D-CUGF C525B-n/s-(FFD525)-d10:06
D-IAAD E50P-(AZE13P)-a14:26-n/s
EI-LEO C750-(HYR75X)-a08:25-d15:01
G-BVMA Be200-parked all day
G-CGEI C550-n/s-(JTR1)-d09:00
G-CGSJ BD700-parked all day
G-CIEL C56X-n/s-(LNX92CE)-d21:37
G-CJOF CL350-hangared
G-FBKG C510-n/s-(BKK7G)-d06:44
G-GLOB BD700-parked all day

G-HUBY E135BJ-parked all day
G-IPAX C56X-(EDC218)-a20:00-n/s
G-JAGA E55P-(LNX23JG)-a05:52-d06:47
G-LALE E135BJ-parked all day
G-LEAA C510-parked all day

G-LEAX C56X-(LNX21AX)-a13:46-n/sG-MOCL CL604-n/s-(LNX20CL)-d09:23
G-PEER C525A-(EDC330R)-a17:43-n/s
G-REFO G650-parked all day
G-SMSM F2000LX-parked all day
G-SPUR C550-parked all day
G-SYNA E135BJ-parked all day

G-ULFM G450-n/s-(PDY30T)-d13:28-a18:52-n/s
G-XJCJ C550-parked all day
HB-JEH BD700-(LUC635)-a10:02-d11:55
HZ-SK5 G450-parked all day
I-XPRA G450-parked all day

M-FUAD G550-parked all day
M-KBBG G450-parked all day

M-OEPL FA7X-n/s-d17:58
M-RLIV CL605-a11:50-n/s
M-TOPI CL605-a16:03-d17:07
M-SEVN CL605-a13:32-n/s
M-YNNS G650-parked all day
N50TC B737-parked all day
N110QS BD700-a16:37-n/s
N115QS BD700-n/s-d10:03
N181CL BD700-n/s-d10:09
N228BA G280-a08:29-n/s             (First Visit)
N280C G280-a11:09-n/s
N280EX G280-parked all day
N370RS G4-parked all day
N424MP CL350-a06:20-n/s           (First Visit)
N487C FA7X-a11:05-n/s
N554CE G550-a05:37-n/s
N588ZJ BD700-a05:13-n/s
N623CT F2000EX-a16:24-n/s
N721MM G550-parked all day

N721UF B737-a14:04-n/s
N838SC BD700-a11:47-n/s
N850MP BD700-parked all day
N900NB FA7X-n/s-d09:33
N919SB G650-parked all day
N920CL C680A-n/s-d09:15
N2900D BD700-n/s-d12:51
OE-ICE A318-n/s-(AOJ92C)-d11:43
OE-IOO BD700-a05:59-d06:58
OH-ADM CL350-(JEF88)-a18:55-n/s
SX-GAB G450-n/s-(GNJ45)-d09:27
VP-BOK BD700-parked all day
T7-AAA BD700-parked all day
T7-BSA G450-parked all day

VP-BBI G280-hangared H125
VP-BSA G450-parked all day

VP-CBF BD700-a14:19-d15:36
VP-CEM G550-parked all day

VP-CEO BD700-parked all day
VP-CFO BD700-hangared

VP-CLK G550-n/s-d15:16
VQ-BIJ F2000LX-parked all day
VQ-BZM G450-parked all day

VT-AYV F2000LX-a14:56-d16:40
XA-JGT BD700-parked all day

These logs are produced remotely and would not be possible without the help of logs posted by various people including Chris Mellon, Malcolm Porter, Daryl Short etc (thanks as always). If anyone else wants to send myself or Ian a LTN log please feel free to do so, it is the only way the blog will become more accurate. Also if you have any additions / corrections send them to us.

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