Friday, 6 January 2017

Thursday 05 January 2017

9H-DDJ LJ75 (KER888)-n/s-d10:35-a15:09-n/s (Stand 54)
9H-FGV E50P (LWG703)-n/s-d00:03
9H-ILY CRJ-parked all day (Stand 16-19)
9H-JPC E135BJ (AXY0502)-n/s-d10:58
9H-VJA BD700-
9H-VJT BD700 (VJT971/951W)-a12:23-d22:17
9H-VTB BD700-parked all day (Stand 58)
9H-WFC E135BJ (AXY0504)-n/s-d09:25
B-8026 FA7X-parked all day (Stand 54)
CS-DFG F2THEX (NJE674G)-a14:48-n/s (Stand 62)
CS-DSD FA7X-Hangared
CS-DRU HS125-parked all day
CS-DXN C56X-parked all day
CS-DXR C56X-parked all day
CS-LAM GL5T (JME502M)-a19:27-n/s
D-AAAY CL604-parked all day (Stand 80)
D-AAIJ CRJ (JTI505)-a12:11-n/s (Stand 62)
D-BEAR C750-a10:37-d12:13
D-BKAT G280-Hangared H125
D-CEIS C680-a19:40-d20:19
D-CXNL HS125 (JTI608)-n/s-d09:00
D-IAAW E50P (AZE53P)-a18:58-n/s (Stand 54)
G-CHUI C56X (EDC019M)-n/s-d10:20
G-CIEL C56X-parked all day
G-FBLK C510-
G-GLEG E135BJ-parked all day (Stand 54)
G-GXLS C56X (LNX55GX)-a00:51-n/s (Stand 50)
G-HOTY CL605-parked all day (Stand 81)
G-KLNE HS125-parked all day
G-KLNR BJ400A (SXN40C)-n/s-d16:07-a18:44-n/s
G-KSFR CL300-a11:07-n/s
G-LEAA C510-parked all day (Stand 54)
G-LEAX C56X-parked all day
G-LEAZ CL300-parked all day (Stand 58)
G-MATO FA7X (EDC013R)-n/s-d11:50
G-MRLX G550 (SXN55L)-a22:21-n/s (Stand 54)
G-PEPI E135BJ-parked all day (Stand 54)
G-SUGR E135BJ (EDC020)-n/s-d16:56-a20:51-n/s (Stand 50)
G-THFC E135BJ-parked all day (Stand 58)
G-TWIY HS125 (SXN75W)-n/s-d06:25
G-WIRG E134BJ (EDC966)-n/s-d15:43

G-YEDC C525B (EDC011)-a17:20-n/s (Stand 54)
G-ZZOO G200 (PDY07M)-a11:59-d16:52
I-SEAM G550-Hangared H125
LX-GXX BD700 (SVW53XX)-a00:06-d18:03
LX-SED BD700-parked all day (Stand 80)
M-AGIK F900LX-n/s-d12:08-a16:37-n/s (Stand 58)
M-BADU G650-parked all day
(Stand 56)
M-GLOB BD700-parked all day
(Stand 62)
M-JSTA CL604-parked all day
M-KBBG G450-a05:26-n/s
N44GV G4-n/s-d10:25-a11:41-d22:14
N50JE G5-n/s-d06:07
N59CF G450-Hangared H125
N77FK G4-Hangared H125 
N125XP HS125-Hangared
N145QS BD700-n/s-d20:36
N175SB C525-parked all day (Stand 54)
N358GW G650-Hangared H125
N44GV G4SP-a22:25-n/s
N650XA G650-parked all day (Stand 16-19)
N721BS G400-parked all day (Stand 71)
N898TS F900-a20:31-d20:59-a22:42-n/s (Stand 16-19)
N917R BD700-a21:49-d23:07
N999EH F900-parked all day (Stand 54)
N2900D BD700-Hangared
OE-FBD C510-parked all day (Stand 81)
OE-FHK C510-parked all day (Stand 58)
OE-FUX C525A-n/s-d19:08
OE-HOO CL300 (AOJ71F)-n/s-d14:43
OE-IEN F2000EX-parked all day (Stand 62)
OE-IVG BD700-parked all day
OE-LCY G550 (AOJ85S)-n/s-d19:00
OO-CEH C56X-n/s-d09:35
OK-SLX C56X (SUA653)-a15:41-n/s (Stand 81)
OK-UGJ C680 (TVS45J)-n/s-d14:40
SP-FMG E35L (JDI50E)-a13:49-d16:04 
TC-DLZ C56X-a20:23-n/s (Stand 54)
TC-KHB G450-Hangared H125
TC-MEN LJ60-a23:27-n/s (Stand 81)
T7-APP C525A-a13:17-d14:20
T7-SAL G450-n/s-d13:07
VP-CBT F900DX-parked all day (Stand 62)
VP-CRO G550-Hangared H125
VP-CUA G550-parked all day

VP-CYA GL6T (TBJ78)-a19:12-n/s (Stand 62)
YU-PMK C56X-n/s-d08:49
YU-RDA C56X-n/s-d05:49

These logs are produced remotely and would not be possible without the help of logs posted by various people including Chris Mellon, Malcolm Porter, Daryl Short etc (thanks as always). If anyone else wants to send myself or Ian a LTN log please feel free to do so, it is the only way the blog will become more accurate. Also if you have any additions / corrections send them to us.

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