Saturday, 19 November 2016

Wednesday 16 November 2016

9H-IBD BD700-parked all day
9H-DDJ LJ75-parked all day
9H-VCC CL350-n/s-(VJT425)-d16:02
9H-VCE CL350-(VJT474)-a09:42-d10:36
9H-VCF CL350-(VJT498)-a07:40-n/s
9H-VCM CL350-(VJT457)-a20:16-d22:26
9H-VJF BD700-n/s-(VJT762)-d07:19
9H-VJK BD700-n/s-(VJT921C)-d10:23
9H-VJO BD700-parked all day
9H-VJP BD700-(VJT895)-a22:33-n/s
9H-VJY BD700-parked all day
9H-WFC E135BJ-parked all day
A6-CJE A319-(UAE2641)-a22:08-n/s
C-FCDE CL605-parked all day
C-GDPF BD700-parked all day
C-GURJ CL605-n/s-d08:16-a16:57-n/s
C-GWLL CL604-parked all day
CS-CHB CL350-(NJE806M)-a12:14-d13:39
CS-DKF G550-(NJE231E)-a18:03-n/s
CS-DRH HS125-parked all day
CS-DRO HS125-n/s-(NJE044F)-d12:23
CS-DUB HS125-(NJE771P)-a14:07-d16:46
CS-GLE BD700-(NJE434M)-a19:26-n/s
CS-GLF BD700-(NJE335P)-a01:49-n/s
D-ACBN A319CJ-parked all day
D-AZZA CL605-(DCS501)-a16:51-n/s
D-CITY LJ35A-(AYY116)-a22:42-n/s
D-IVVB C525A-(ATL516)-a13:50-n/s
F-GVMI BD700-n/s-d21:07
F-HFIP BD700-n/s-d07:32
F-HECD FA7X-(LEA044D)-a16:40-d21:48
G-CIEL C56X-parked all day
G-GLEG E135BJ-parked all day
G-GXLS C56X-n/s-(LNX85GX)-d05:24-a13:59-n/s
G-IPAX C56X-parked all day
G-JAGA E55P-parked all day
G-KLNE HS125-(SXN90E)-a16:07-n/s
G-KSFR CL300-a16:54-n/s
G-LALE E135BJ-parked all day
G-LATE F2000EX-parked all day
G-LEAX C56X-parked all day
G-LEAZ CL300-parked all day
G-OMEA C56X-parked all day
G-SPUR C550-n/s-(LNX42PU)-d08:04
G-SUGR E135BJ-parked all day
G-THFC E135BJ-parked all
G-TWIY HS125-n/s-(SXN75W)-d08:01-a17:50-n/s
G-WIRG E135BJ-parked all day
G-YEDC C525B-(EDC904)-a19:17-n/s
LX-JFR PC12-n/s-(JFA27A)-d08:20
LY-FSK HS125-(LLT945)-a06:58-d18:56
M-AAMM G450-parked all day
M-ANNA CL604-a20:32-n/s
M-ATPS G550-parked all day
M-AYBE-Hangared H125
M-BIGG BD700-n/s-d12:13
M-CLAB CL300-a12:55-n/s
M-HOME BD700-n/s-d15:02
M-KBBG G450-a11:33-n/s
M-ODKZ F900EX-a11:21-n/s
M-RCCG E135BJ-a08:29-d10:15
M-YSIX G650-a20:06-d23:10
M-YULI BD700-parked all day
N10XG G550-a11:50-d12:59
N99ZM BD700-parked all day
N104AR G450-parked all day
N111QS BD700-parked all day
N192NC G450-a13:53-d15:29
N224BH G450-n/s-d23:19
N288ZJ BD700-n/s-d16:56
N333GW G450-(SJM12)-a17:32-n/s
N335LL G550-a20:44-n/s
N336EB G550-n/s-d20:49
N343DE BD700-parked all day
N386JD G4-parked all day
N410MG BD700-(EJM410)-a13:32-n/s
N421QS G450-parked all day
N529DM CL605-n/s-d09:59
N550AV G550-parked all day
N585DW G550-a10:04-n/s
N633AB CL605-parked all day
N650MP G280-parked all day
N671LE G650-parked all day
N732PA CL605-a14:58-n/s
N850MP BD700-parked all day
N2900D BD700-n/s-d12:53
OE-FWF C510-(GAC861A)-a01:45-d07:13
OE-GWV C56X-n/s-(ESQ102)-d11:39
OE-HGM F2000EX-(ESQ201)-a16:05-n/s
OE-HNG G200-(MJF31A)-a22:30-n/s
OE-IMZ G450-parked all day
OE-LJG A319-(MJF319)-a00:59-n/s
OE-LPN G550-Hangared H125
OK-UNI C680-(TVS78J)-a17:20-n/s
PH-RLG C680-a17:15-d18:07
PR-GMV G550-parked all day
SE-DJG E135BJ-(EUW9961)-a00:14-d13:09
TC-VPG CL300-a09:56-n/s
VH-FMG BD700-n/s-d18:18
VP-CGN G650-parked all day
VP-CHA A320-parked all day
VP-CRO G550-parked all day
VQ-BLA G550-n/s-d19:03

These logs are produced remotely and would not be possible without the help of logs posted by various people including Chris Mellon, Malcolm Porter, Daryl Short etc (thanks as always). If anyone else wants to send myself or Ian a LTN log please feel free to do so, it is the only way the blog will become more accurate. Also if you have any additions / corrections send them to us.

Kind Regards


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