Friday, 26 August 2016

Thursday 25 August 2016

5N-FGW G550-Hangared H125
9H-BOO CRJ-a19:09-n/s
9H-ILV CRJ (VJT624)-n/s-d05:20
9H-VFB CL605 (VJT492)-n/s-d14:11
9H-YOU CRJ-n/s-d11:30
9K-GGA G650-Hangared H125
A6-FBQ GL5T-parked all day (S62)
A6-KAH E190-parked all day (S71)
A6-RJC GL5T (ROJ22)-a15:36-n/s (S62)
A6-YMA G550-Hangared H125
B-LHK G650-parked all day (S54)
CS-DKF G550-Hangared H125
CS-DKH G550 (NJE944P/302W)-a08:04-d09:47
CS-DRS HS125 (NJE628T)-a16:11-n/s (S62)
CS-DRW HS125 (NJE348P)-a13:50-d15:59
CS-DUE HS125 (NJE248M/305G)-a10:43-d13:00
CS-GLA GL6T (NJE814G)-n/s-d14:53
CS-LAM GL5T (JME502M)-a14:08-d16:17
D-AFUN E35L (AHO395C)-n/s-d10:24
D-AHOI E35L (AHO221A)-n/s-d12:19
D-BIKA F2THEX-parked all day (S54)
D-BKAT G280-Hangared H125
D-CEFO C56X (AHO215A)-n/s-d09:20
D-IEKU C525A (ECA222)-a18:22-d19:55
D-ISUN C525A (ECA555)-a23:59-n/s
EC-JVM LJ60-parked all day (Sig)
G-CHUI C56X (EDC649E)-n/s-d12:45
G-CIEL C56X (LNX85CE)-n/s-d07:13-a20:04-n/s
G-FBKC C510 (BKK3C)-n/s-d13:08
G-FFLY F2THLXS-n/s-d06:56
G-GLEG E35L (LNX73EG)-n/s-d14:04
G-GXLS C56X (LNX54GX)-a09:09-n/s 
G-HOTY CL604 (XCH213U)-n/s-d08:46
G-IFTF HS125 (IFT122)-n/s-d11:10 
G-IPLY C550B (XJC50Y)-a16:13-d17:10
G-JAGA E55P-parked all day (S58)
G-KLNE HS125 (SXN90E)-a15:45-d16:36
G-KLNR BJ400A-parked all day 
G-LATE F2THEX (EXJ01)-a09:12-n/s
G-LCDH CL605 (GMA690)-n/s-d09:17
G-LEAB C510 (LNX87AB)-n/s-d06:19-a16:55-n/s
G-LEAX C56X-parked all day (S54)
G-LEGC E135BJ-parked all day 
G-LXWD C56X (VCG915)-n/s-d11:15
G-SYNA E135BJ-parked all day 
G-TAYC G450-parked all day 
G-THFC E135BJ (LNX84TC)-n/s-d05:06
G-TWIY HS125-parked all day (S54)
G-XSTV C56X (REN33)-n/s-d12:31
G-ZZOO G200-parked all day (Gulf)
HB-JGB G450-parked all day 
HS-KPI G550-a18:08-n/s
HS-VSK G650-parked all day (S62)
HZ-SPAG FA7X (SVA7838)-a11:05-n/s (S71)
LX-DLF G650-parked all day (Gulf)
LX-GJC A318CJ-parked all day
LX-GLD F900EX (SVW43LD)-a16:15-n/s (S62)
LX-NYO BD700 (SVW72NY)-a23:12-n/s
M-ATEX F900LX-parked all day (S54)
M-BIGG GL5T-n/s-d15:24
M-BRVO C550-parked all day (S80)
M-COOL C510-parked all day (S80)
M-FASH F900B-a14:47-d20:17
M-HOME GL6T-n/s-d17:27
M-LWSA BD700-n/s-d18:45
N104AR G450-parked all day (S58)
N141QS GL6T-n/s-d10:57
N17ND G5-Hangared H125
N404BC F900-a16:38-d18:25
N474D G550-n/s-d09:26
N487C FA7X-n/s-d10:29
N501CV G5-parked all day (S62)
N585DW G550-parked all day (S54)
N588PX G550-a19:28-n/s
N608RP CL300-n/s-d17:59
N900KS G650-parked all day (S71)
OE-HCZ CL300 (AOJ75C)-n/s-d17:55
OE-ICE A318CJ (AOJ92C)-a18:23-n/s
OE-IVG BD700-Small Hangar
OH-GVI CL605 (JEF77)-a15:26-n/s (S54)
OK-JRT C680 (TVS59J)-a23:25-n/s
OK-RAH BJ400A-parked all day
OK-VPI G550 
OY-LGI BD700-n/s
PR-GJS FA50EX-a22:57-n/s
SE-RIL C56X (GOT801N)-a18:59-n/s
T7-AZH G450-parked all day (S62)
TC-TTC G550-parked all day (S54)
VP-BSA G450-Hangared H125
VP-BTB G450-parked all day (S58)
VP-CBT F900DX-parked all day (S62)
VP-CFO-Small Hangar
VP-CIO LJ60-a17:00-d17:31
VP-CKV G650-parked all day (S16)
VP-CUA G550-parked all day (S16)
VQ-BZM G450-n/s-d17:06
VT-SMI G550-Hangared H125 
XA-ZTK G550-parked all day (S58)
YU-PNK C56X-a10:14-d12:25-a22:41-d23:33
YU-TPC C500-a14:36-d16:22

These logs are produced remotely and would not be possible without the help of logs posted by various people including Chris Mellon, Malcolm Porter, Daryl Short etc (thanks as always). If anyone else wants to send myself or Ian a LTN log please feel free to do so, it is the only way the blog will become more accurate. Also if you have any additions / corrections send them to us.

Rob & Ian

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