Thursday, 14 July 2016

Monday 11 July 2016

2-GULF G4-parked all day
4K-AI88 G650-a19:23-n/s
9A-DWA C525A-a17:36-n/s
9H-AVM B757-parked all day
9H-BOO CRJ-n/s-d09:29
9H-PAL (MLT864F/864/865/865F)-a09:49-d11:39-a20:01-d21:14
9H-VCC CL350 (VJT425)-a17:52-d19:44
9H-VJI GL6T (VJT813)-n/s-d04:45
C-GLFV G5-n/s-d08:54
C-GSTG CL605-a01:17-d11:51
C-GXPZ F900EX-parked all day 
CS-CHB CL350 (NJE805F/047N)-a03:12-d06:05
CS-DLG F2THEX (NJE274A/809U)-a08:40-d10:06
CS-DSD FA7X (NJE017D)-n/s-d16:31
CS-DRN HS125-parked all day
CS-DRU HS125 (NJE808W/234U)-a09:40-d11:30
CS-DRZ HS125 (NJE265U)-a18:26-n/s
CS-DXI C56X (NJE931C)-n/s-d07:46
CS-GLD GL6T (NJE116N)-a19:04-n/s
CS-LAM BD700-Hangared
D-AAAY CL604-parked all day
D-AFUN E35L (AHO681B)-a23:38-n/s
D-AJET E35L (AHO307P)-n/s-d11:41
D-BOOC C750-a13:41-d14:43
D-CAWX C680-a09:33-d16:11
D-CCCB LJ35A (AMB383)-a18:32-n/s
D-CEIS C680 (EFD888)-n/s-d13:51
D-CFLY C56X (AHO834P)-a10:47-d12:46
D-CITA LJ60 (PAV611)-a16:07-d17:13
D-IVVB C525 (ATL511)-n/s-d07:19
F-HFIP GL6T-n/s-d07:33
G-CEYL GLEX-a00:46-d16:56
G-CHUI C56X (EDC448)-n/s-d09:31
G-CIEL C56X (LNX04CE)-n/s-d10:07
G-FBKF C510 (BKK6F)-n/s-d16:33
G-FJET C550 (LNX41FJ)-n/s-d08:39-a18:14-n/s
G-GLEG E135BJ-parked all day
G-HOTY CL604-parked all day
G-JAGA E55P (LNX23JG)-n/s-d11:26-a15:19-n/s
G-KLNE HS125 (SXN90E)-n/s-d10:58
G-LATE F2THEX-parked all day 
G-LEAA C510-parked all day 
G-LEAX C56X (LNX21AX)-a13:46-n/s
G-LEAZ CL300 (LNX37AZ)-n/s-d13:54
G-MRLX G550 (SXN55L)-a19:41-d21:11
G-REFO G650-parked all day
G-SKBD BE400 (CBM56)-a19:26-d21:36
G-SPRE C550B (XJC2)-a14:49-d16:09
G-SYNA E135BJ-parked all day
G-THFC E35L (LNX43TC)-n/s-d09:07-a13:58-n/s
G-TWIY HS125 (SXN75W)-a11:58-d13:11-a21:25-n/s
G-WWFC F2000LX-parked all day
G-YEDC C525B (EDC477E/496)-a16:06-d18:38
HB-IGY F900EX-a21:56-n/s
HS-KPI G550-parked all day
HZ-SK1 G4-Hangared H125
I-BEAU F900 (SIO901)-a14:36-d16:23
I-MOFI F2THLX (SIO618)-a09:37-d11:22
I-SEAM G550 (SNM464)-n/s-d16:16
LX-TQJ FA7X (SVW58QJ)-a14:15-n/s
LY-FSK HS125 (LLT931/931P)-a17:41-d18:47
M-ABRJ G450-n/s-d21:34
M-BHBH G650-parked all day
M-BRVO C550B-n/s-d11:11-a16:53-n/s
M-INSK G650-a19:35-n/s
N1LA G550 (EJM108)-n/s-d14:30
N103ZZ GL5T (TBJ29)-a13:27-n/s
N111QS GL5T-n/s-d07:56
N12U FA7X-parked all day 
N125XP HS125-Hangared
N160QS GL6T-a15:25-d16:55
N236FS G450 -parked all day
N278NA G450 -parked all day
N286RW G280 -parked all day
N300CR G4-parked all day 
N344RS G550-parked all day
N35GR G550-a12:00-n/s
N403QS G4-parked all day
N426QS G4SP-n/s-d07:59
N519CP GLEX-parked all day
N542AP F2THEX-a09:09-d20:50
N555LK G4-parked all day
N560U GLEX-n/s-d09:42
N585DW G550-parked all day 
N604LC CL604-a09:53-d18:41
N657DB F2THS-a05:19-d06:55
N71GE G450-a15:49-n/s
N726AF GLEX-parked all day
N732PA CL605-a20:12-n/s
N750TX C750-parked all day 
N810U F2TH-parked all day 
N841WS G450-a21:03-n/s
N887TM G550-parked all day
OE-FHC C525A (AOJ42C)-a20:04-d20:35
OE-GEM C680-a09:55-d11:37
OE-IMF FA7X-a00:33-d01:34
OE-IZA E35L (AHO77A)-a14:04-n/s - First Visit -
OK-VPI G550 (ABP921)-n/s-d20:53
OY-LGI GLEX (VMP933)-a09:46-n/s
OY-TSS FA7X (MMD3293)-n/s-d19:33
S5-SAD GL6T (EAV32D)-a01:32-d06:28
VP-BBF G650-parked all day
VP-BJD G550-n/s-d08:49
VP-BOK GLEX-n/s-d12:38
VP-CGN G650-a12:29-n/s
VQ-BZM G450-n/s-d13:37
YR-TRC CL300 (TOY223)-a19:52-n/s

These logs are produced remotely and would not be possible without the help of logs posted by various people including Chris Mellon, Malcolm Porter, Daryl Short etc (thanks as always). If anyone else wants to send myself or Ian a LTN log please feel free to do so, it is the only way the blog will become more accurate. Also if you have any additions / corrections send them to us.

Kind Regards


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