Monday, 30 May 2016

Sunday 29 May 2016

J-755 G4-n/s-(PFF3)-d16:05

3B-PGT BD700-parked all day
9H-AFC CL605-n/s-(EAV44C)-d16:10
9H-AFR BD700-(MLM017)-a15:35-n/s
9H-GYB HS125-(MLM096)-a14:28-n/s
9H-KAP E135BJ-parked all day
9H-MTF B737-(MLT696)-a03:03-n/s
9H-VFA CL605-n/s-(VJT584)-d10:18
9H-VJL BD700-(VJT840)-a08:48-d10:15
9H-VJQ BD700-n/s-(VJT808)-d14:55
B-5286 B737-n/s-d11:20
B-8100 G550-a16:38-n/s
B-HVP G550-a11:06-d12:13
CS-DKD G550-parked all day
CS-DKK G550-n/s-(NJE958C)-d07:19
CS-DRQ HS125-parked all day
CS-DUF HS125-(NJE782D)-a23:06-n/s
CS-DQB C56X-(NJE311F)-a13:36-n/s
CS-DXH C56X-parked all day20:49-n/s
CS-DXN C56X-(NJE221T)-a20:57-n/s
CS-DXT C56X-(NJE320B)-a20:49-n/s
CS-GLB BD700-n/s-(NJE732U)-d07:52
CS-GLD BD700-(NJE456R)-a18:05-n/s
CS-GLF BD700-(NJE126W)-a15:45-d17:36
D-AAIJ CRJ-(JTI289)-a02:06-n/s
D-AYSM G650-(MHV650)-a21:23-n/s
D-BKAT G280-Hangared H125
D-CAPO LJ35A-(JEI474)-a19:35-n/s
D-CHIC E55P-(AHO476X)-a21:43-n/s
D-IOHL C525A-n/s-(ECA333)-d14:33
D-IAAT E50P-(AZE01P)-a17:25-d18:22
EI-JSK G650-(EFF006)-a18:08-n/s
G-CGSJ BD700-(GMA449)-a17:43-n/s
G-CHUI C56X-parked all day
G-GLEG E135BJ-(LNX59EG)-a03:34-d15:39-a19:56-d20:46-a23:58-n/s
G-HOTY CL604-n/s-d07:26
G-IPAX C56X-(EDC322E)-a20:14-n/s
G-KLNE HS125-parked all day
G-LEAA C510-n/s-(LNX38AA)-d11:48-a19:02-n/s
G-LEAB C510-parked all day
G-LEAX C56X-parked all day
G-LEAZ CL300-parked all day
G-LSCW G550-Hangared H125
G-OMEA C56X-(FLJ53)-a21:14-n/s
G-OSRL LJ45-n/s-d08:50-a20:27-n/s
G-PEPI E135BJ-parked all day
G-RAJJ B146-(CLF462)-a15:57-d17:06
G-SPUR C550-parked all day
G-TAYC G450-parked all day
G-TCMC E135BJ-parked all day
G-TWIY HS125-(SXN75W)-a18:43-n/s
G-WIRG E135BJ-(EDC317E)-a20:20-n/s
G-YEDC C525B-parked all day
G-ZZOO G200-n/s-(PDY11D)-d16:32-a21:35-n/s
HB-JSA FA7X-parked all day
LX-AMG BD700-(LXA19T)-a12:49-n/s
LX-PMA CL300-(LXA2B)-a19:59-n/s
M-AABG BD700-a18:49-d19:46
M-BRVO C550-n/s-d09:06
M-CLAB CL300-a20:05-n/s
M-FUAD G550-parked all day
M-IBID BD700-a21:52-n/s
M-JSTA CL604-n/s-d21:56
M-KATE A319-a15:20-n/s
M-MNDG G550-n/s-d07:32
M-TRAV G550-parked all day
M-YSIX G650-a18:02-d21:04
N1SN G4-a08:37-d09:41
N71GE G450-a22:49-n/s
N112QS BD700-a13:12-n/s
N125XP HS125-Hangared
N185GA G550-Hangared H125
N103ZZ BD700-parked all day
N313RF BD700-parked all day
N405GA G500-a11:16-d12:39
N451CS G650-parked all day
N517DW G550-parked all day
N518QS G550-n/s-d00:33
N528QS G550-a21:27-n/s
N551VL G550-parked all day
N557SV C680-parked all day
N585DW G550-n/s-d12:26
N726AF BD700-n/s-d19:04
N814CP G450-n/s-(TWY450)-d11:27
N881WT BD700-parked all day
OE-IEN F2000EX-n/s-(GLJ93EN)-d23:10
OE-LAI G450-n/s-(GLJ86LA)-d10:55
OE-LAR G450-parked all day
OE-LOK G550-parked all day
OO-NEY E545-a17:10-n/s               (First Visit)
OK-HWK HS125-a15:37-n/s
OK-VPI G550-parked all day
OY-GWK F2000S-n/s-(MMD1767)-d21:08
PH-RLG C680-a19:50-d20:56
PR-ADB CL300-n/s-d12:30
P4-MVP G450-n/s-d17:30
SE-RMO LJ45-(ETI229L)-a21:29-d22:10
TC-KMR FA7X-parked all day
UP-EM007 E135BJ-n/s-d08:19
VH-FMG BD700-a13:54-n/s
VP-BRT B737-n/s-(LGT7)-d18:36
VP-BSA G450-parked all day
VP-CQQ G450-n/s-d07:12
VP-CUA G550-parked all day
VQ-BIJ F2000LX-a12:15-d13:59
VQ-BZM G450-parked all day
VT-AOK E135BJ-n/s-d10:59-a20:23-n/s
VT-IBG BD700-parked all day
YU-SVL C56X-(PNC01V)-a08:51-d10:07
These logs are produced remotely and would not be possible without the help of logs posted by various people including Chris Mellon, Malcolm Porter, Daryl Short etc (thanks as always). If anyone else wants to send myself or Ian a LTN log please feel free to do so, it is the only way the blog will become more accurate. Also if you have any additions / corrections send them to us.

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