Saturday, 16 January 2016

Sunday 10 January 2016

9H-DDJ LJ75-parked all day
9H-VCG CL350-n/s-(VJT448Z)-d18:30
9H-VJF BD700-(VJT862D)-a07:07-n/s
9H-VJO BD700-(VJT901A)-a02:17-d12:47
A6-CJE A319-n/s-(UAE2641)-d17:05
CS-DKE G550-(NJE599Q)-a19:31-n/s
CS-DKG G550-parked all day 
CS-DKK G550-n/s-(NJE696E)-d11:21
CS-DNR F2000-n/s-(NJE986Q)-d11:02
CS-DRR HS125-parked all day
CS-GLF BD700-parked all day
CS-LAM BD700-parked all day
D-AJOY CRJ-n/s-d13:03
D-AMSC CL604-parked all day 
D-IAAY E50P-n/s-(AZE64F)-d11:00
EC-LYO G550-Hangared H125
ES-LVA LJ60-(VPC222)-a00:51-d01:50
F-HOIE P180-a18:02-d22:06
G-GLEG E135BJ-(LNX61EG)-a16:41-n/s      (First Visit as reg)
G-GXLS C56X-(LNX65GX)-a14:05-n/s
G-IDRO BD700-a19:57-n/s
G-IPAX C56X-parked all day
G-JAGA E55P-(LNX23JG)-a19:47-n/s
G-KALS CL300-parked all day  
G-KLNR BJ400A-(SXN40C)-a16:51-d17:11
G-LEAA C510-n/s-(LNX66AA)-d14:48
G-LEAB C510-parked all day
G-LEAX C56X-(LNX21AX)-a17:58-n/s
G-LEAZ CL300-parked all day
G-MRAP CL300-parked all day
G-OPRM CL604-(BZE3)-a10:48-n/s
G-PEER C525A-n/s-(EDC691R)-d14:26 -a14:56-n/s
G-REFO G650-a08:22-n/s
G-SPUR C550-(LNX01PU)-a12:54-n/s
G-SYNA E1345BJ-parked all day 
G-THFC E135BJ-parked all day  
G-YEDC C525B-n/s-(EDC877L)-d17:35
HB-JSA FA7X-n/s-(FPG161)-d15:27
HZ-HSH CL604-n/s-d11:09
I-AFOI RB390-(ITL201)-a10:36-d20:35
I-SEAE F2000-(SNM922)-a19:44-n/s
J-755 G4-n/s-(PAAF134)-d13:18
LX-LMF FA7X-(SVW36MF)-a06:08-d07:01
LX-NAD BD700-(LXA12M)-a17:53-d18:48
LX-JFM PC12-n/s-d19:36
M-ABDP HS125-a21:34-n/s
M-AGIK F900LX-a16:45-n/s
M-ASRI BD700-n/s-d14:28
M-GLOB BD700-parked all day 
M-JSTA CL604-parked all day
M-KATE A319-a17:47-n/s
M-MDBD BD700-parked all day
M-MNDG G550-n/s-d06:16
M-SAAJ G550-a03:33-n/s
M-YSIX G650-parked all day
N36GV G5-n/s-d10:34
N59CF G450-Hangared H125
N101QS BD700-n/s-d10:30
N104AR G450-parked all day 
N141QS BD700-n/s-d10:40
N176HS BD700-n/s-(EJM176)-d06:35
N318AG G5-parked all day
N335LL G4-a15:03-n/s
N396NS G4-a15:29-n/s
N407NS G4-n/s-d10:19
N546QS G550-n/s-d09:58
N688JC E135BJ-a17:43-n/s
N888FR G4-a21:04-n/s
N1415N BD700-a20:52-n/s
OE-HCZ CL300-n/s-(AOJ75C)-d08:43
OE-HUG CL350-(IJM489)-a09:37-d23:32
OE-ICA BD700-n/s-(AOJ99A)-d12:55
OE-IEL BD700-n/s-(TJS21)-d15:01
OE-ILE G450-parked all day
OE-IOO BD700-n/s-(AOJ95R)-d07:50-a13:52-n/s
OE-IVG BD700-n/s-d23:21
OE-LZM G650-(AOJ65G)-a10:34-n/s
OK-SLS C560-(SUA502)-a16:24-d18:04
OY-LGI BD700-parked all day
PR-CGI G550-a08:51-n/s
P4-CEO CL605-n/s-d07:31
SE-RIN C525A-n/s-(GOT203)-d21:14
VP-BHR G3-hangared
VP-BNE G550-a06:12-n/s
VP-BSA G450-a12:50-n/s
VP-CBT F900DX-parked all day 
VP-CMY G450-parked all day 
VQ-BLA G550-parked all day 

Note this is a first draft and changes will be updated on the website
If anyone has any changes please e-mail myself or Ian Farquharson off list thankyou.

Kind Regards

Robert & Ian

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