Sunday, 22 February 2015

Saturday 21 February 2015

9H-DDJ LJ75-parked all day (NWC)
9H-IRA BD700-parked all day (NWC)
9H-VFD CL605 (VJT570W)-a20:17-n/s
9H-VJI GL6T-parked all day (Landmark)
9M-CJG BD700-n/s-d12:22
A6-BBD BD700-parked all day (S71)
A6-NKL E135BJ-parked all day (S62)
CS-DKE G550 (NJE192A)-a16:57-n/s
CS-DKG G550 (NJE330T)-a18:23-n/s
CS-DRI HS125 (NJE889L/052F)-a11:15-d12:57
CS-DRX HS125 (NJE441H)-a21:17-n/s
CS-DUE H750 (NJE354T/897B)-a09:43-d11:37
CS-DUG H750 (NJE133H)-a17:48-n/s
CS-DXF C56X (NJE557R)-n/s-d10:20
CS-PHA E55P (NJE461A)-a16:59-n/s
CS-TLY FA7X-n/s-d14:14
D-AAIJ CRJ850 (JTI211)-a20:55-d21:49
D-AEGV BD700 (KAY56)-a16:11-n/s
D-BOOC C750-a18:06-d19:03
D-CAST C525 (AHO619V)-n/s-d11:39
D-CFLY C56X (AHO213F/323B)-a14:30-a15:57
G-CGSJ BD700-n/s-d14:23
G-CGUL G550-Hangar 125
G-KLNE HS125 (SXN90E)-n/s-d06:58-a12:22-n/s
G-KLNR BE400 (SXN40C)-a16:08-d19:12
G-LALE E135BJ (LNX03GL)-n/s-d10:28
G-LEAA C510 (LNX05AA)-n/s-d07:11-a18:25
G-LEAB C510 (LNX32AB)-d20:16-a21:15
G-LEAZ CL300 (LNZ30AZ)-n/s-d08:35-a14:31-n/s
G-LEGC E135BJ-a23:02-n/s
G-RAAA BD700-parked all day (S71)
G-SUGR E135BJ-parked all day (Pond)
G-THFC E135BJ-parked all day (NWC)
G-WWFC F2000LX-parked all day (Pond)
G-XONE CL604-parked all day (S62)
HZ-HSH CL604-a12:37-n/s
I-DLGH (SIO501)-Hangar 125-d08:18
LX-MOI E135BJ (LXA9J)-n/s-d14:17
LX-ONE LJ45 (DUK1AMB)-n/s-d13:50
LX-ZED CL605-parked all day (Pond)
M-BRVO C560-parked all day (Sig)
M-GLOB BD700-a09:50-n/s
M-GSIX G650-Hangar 125-d23:12
M-HOME BD700-a10:29-n/s (S71)
M-IGHT LJ40-a16:52-n/s
M-JSMN BD700-parked all day (Landmark)
M-ORAD F2000-a19:19-n/s
M-USBA G5-parked all day (NWC)
M-WIND G650-a15:18-n/s
N104AR G450-n/s-d13:35
N108FJ F900-a21:24-n/s
N116WJ G4-parked all day (S62)
N18WF BD700
N224BH G450-parked all day (NWC)
N342AP-Hangar 125
N396NS G4SP-n/s-d08:03
N44KJ G650-Hangar 125
N650MT G650-parked all day (Gulf)
N729KF BD700-parked all day (Pond)
N801AS G550-parked all day (Pond)
N927MC G650-n/s-d12:17
N96UA G550-parked all day (Pond)
OE-FZE C510 (GAC780J)-n/s-d10:13
OE-HGM F2000EX-parked all day (Pond)
OE-ILY CRJ850 (VJS651N)-a18:04-n/s
OE-INC BD700 (GLJ92NC)-a22:20-n/s
OK-SUN E135BJ (ABP724)-a11:50-d23:46
P4-IKF F2000-a19:39-n/s
S5-ADE BD100-parked all day (NWC)
SX-KFA CL604 (GNJ64)-n/s-d11:33
TC-KHD G280-Hangar 125-d10:17
VP-BHR G3-Hangared
VP-BNE G550-a21:31-n/s
VP-CGI G550-a10:56-n/s
VP-CJI C525-a18:24-d19:24
VP-CJT BD700-parked all day (S62)


  1. Does anyone have pictures of our LJ75, 9H-DDJ?

    Kind regards.

  2. Can anyone help Christian ?
    If you just need to see a picture use Google or


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